February 18, 2011

6 months to go....

6 months today we will be on the plane to LA!!!
It seems we have been counting down to this 3.5 month trip forever, it has been about 2 years now, before we even got engaged we decided that we wanted to travel, and when we actually got engaged, we set a date, the plans have changed a lot since we first thought about 'going travelling', we originally planned to go to quite a few more places than we are actually going to now, but we eventually had to cut it down to the essentialls, because when it comes down to it, our wedding is just as important to us so we need to save up for our special Disney day, and everything costs money.... so we are now only going to the places that are most important to us, we have the rest of our lives to visit all the other places.
I am so SUPER excited, but we still have a LOT to do! Will write all about the plans so far tomorrow :)

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