February 19, 2011

So... what are our plans?!?

Ever since we first talked about travelling, our number 1 destination was the USA. It might not be the most unusual or different place to want to visit, but I have been in love with America for like, ever, and there are so many different states and cities to visit, that we would never be able to visit otherwise, because to me holidays = Disney! The USA is most probably one of the most expensive places we could have picked to travel around, so we had to make a decision on what we wanted to do, we started by making a list of states that we wanted to go to, and ended up with pretty much all of them. We then had to figure out how we would get around, where we would stay, how we would book it and how much it was going to cost us, answer = A LOT!

We then discovered Trek America, they are a company that does trips around America. This is our easy option, they give us tents to sleep in, they drive us from place to place, and money wise it works out cheaper for us than anything else we were planning!! This means I dont have to constantly worry about where we are going to sleep at night, do we have enough money, how are we going to get places. It puts my mind at rest knowing that someone else is in charge of all that stuff, we just go along and enjoy ourselves :)

So, we are leaving London (yayyyy) on August 18th this year, and are going on the Trek America 'Trailblazer' tour from Los Angeles, and 64 days later, we arrive back in Los Angeles, having visited 33 states (and a bit of Canada).

List of places we get to visit (in order):

Los Angeles
San Diego
Las Vegas
Zion National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park
Lake Powell
Grand Canyon
Monument Valley
Arches National Park
Colorado Rocky Mountains
Mesa Verde
Santa Fe
Carlsbad Caverns
New Orleans
Panama Beach
Orlando (woohoo, going to take a look at our wedding location Sea Breeze Point hopefully)
Florida Keys
St. Augustine
North and South Carolina
Washington DC
New York
Niagra Falls
South Dakota
Black Hills
Cody, Wyoming
Yellowstone National Park
Glacier National Park
Banff National Park
Lake Louise
British Columbia
Redwood National Park
San Francisco
Yosemite National Park
finally finishing back down the pacific coast to Los Angeles!!!

It's not ALL the places we wanted to go, but it's a lot of them! (although I'm still not over the fact that we don't get to visit the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta) It's a nice mix of cities, cool places and nature places/parks so we are very happy!! Hopefully the other people on the tour with us will be nice too!!

here is a map from the Trek America webiste showing our route...

When we arrive back in LA, the next day we are off to............ DISNEYLAND!!

For those of my friends that think 'Disneyland' is in Florida and we have been there before, it's not. Florida is Walt Disney World.

Disneyland in Anaheim, California, is the original Disneyland that Walt created, and we have never been there before and we are so so super excited (ok well I am, Gary not as much as me). But we do both really love Disney and plan to visit all the parks one day (it is my biggest dream to visit Tokyo Disney), and I just find it really cool that Disneyland was the FIRST Disney, that Walt put all his efforts into, so for a Disney fan like me this is one of the coolest places to go :)

We are staying in Disneyland for 8 nights, I haven't really planned much about this yet, but we are going to have some cute Disneyland engagement photos when we are there!

Next we are on to New Zealand to stay with Gary's friends. I don't really know much about NZ and haven't really planned or anything what we are going to do there?!?! We will be there for about 3 weeks before we sadly have to come back to London :(

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  1. Plans sound aaaaaaaaaaamazing!!! Something I would love to do!....maybe I can talk Simon into it...hehe! Can't wait to read more :D xx