December 20, 2011

Day 1, 18th August 2011. London-Los Angeles

Woke up feeling so strange. This was definitely one of the weirdest morings of my life, being in my bedroom for the last time in over 3 months. Was super excited to start our adventure but so so scared. I don't know why.

Us outside my house about to go to the airport

We got to the airport at about 12.30pm. It was very sad saying goodbye to our mum's and dad's, lots of crying....

At Heathrow (terminal 5)

Checked in our bags, then went through security and ate as much as we could because Gary hates plane food. We also bought a load of food in Boots just before we got on the plane.

Gary getting ready to eat

Our plane

Goodbye London :) I was so ready for this!

And we're off...!

The sky

The flight wasn't too bad. It was the longest flight we had ever done at that point in our lives. It didn't pass too slowly, we watched a few films, read books and starved. The food we bought from Boots before the flight lasted us about 2 hours. We were so hungry for the rest of the flight.

America... :)

We landed at 7pm in LAX. When we were waiting to go through security they were playing Illuminations music (I don't know why, but I'm 100% sure that they was, has anyone else heard it??) ayway, that got me all excited to be in the USA! By the time we got out of the airport it was about 9pm. We had a big confusion waiting for the shuttle to pick us up and take us to the Hacienda Hotel.

YAY! Finally in the USA! Waiting for the hotel shuttle.

We stayed at the Hacienda, which is the hotel that Trek America books for us. It was OK, better than I expected, apart from the single beds!!

We had been up for 22 hours by the time we got to the room, so we went straight to sleep!

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  1. Hehe! Sounds like a good start apart from the starving! x