December 20, 2011

Day 2, 19th August 2011. Los Angeles.

Woke up at 3.40am, WIDE AWAKE. No chance of going back to sleep, I tried.  about 4.30am I gave in and got up and rang my mum, which woke Gary up with my apparently loud talking. Started just re-organising our stuff and found notes from my sister in our bags :)

My note

Managed to make ourselves wait until 7am to go and get breakfast, which of course had to be at Ihop, a first day in America tradition. I love American breakfasts, it was so nice to have real pancakes again, it made me so happy! We ordered so much food because we hadn't eaten for like a day!!


Walking back to the Hacienda, it was grey and very un-California-ish.

A pretty flower

When we got back we got a taxi to the mall, it was about a 10 minute drive away. The first thing we had to do was get a USA sim-card for my phone which was really easy to do, we went straight into the T-Mobile shop and they sorted the whole thing out really easily for me. Then did a little bit of shopping (the first of many trips to Victoria's Secret)

The mall (Westfield Culver City)

Got a taxi back to the Hacienda, and spent the afternoon sitting round the pool, after getting stuck in the lift for 5 minutes first and wondering if we would ever get out (haha it was quite scary)

Pool at the Hacienda

Random photos around the hotel

We had an early dinner at Sizzler at about 6pm because we knew we would fall asleep really early. After dinner when we got back in the hotel, a list had gone up of the people on our trip. It was not the people we were expecting from the Trek America website so we were quite freaked out about that. I was feeling quite worried this evening, anxious about starting Trek tomorrow, doing something completely new and meeting people. Gary re-packed the bags and and we went too bed. I was scared of something in the night (I can't remember what) and climbed into Gary's single bed with him.

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