February 07, 2012

Day 26, 12th September 2011. Wisconsin - Chicago

This is a long one but it was the best night ever!!

Alarm wet off at 8am and we started packig out stuff away and getting organised. We didn't even bother trying to eat breakfast because we were feeling sick and hungover from last night. When we met up with the group everyone had lots of funny stories from last night. Abby and Loz had found Aaro chasing animals through the campsite in the middle of the night, LOL.

We got in the van and made our way to Chicago! At one of our stop offs on the way Gary decided that we should get some Burger King because we hadn't eaten anything, it was a bad idea, it just made me feel really sick.

When we got to Chicago, we went straight to the hostel where we were staying. This was the first place where we were staying that I wouldn't be in the same room as Gary, which was so weird. We had a girls room and a boys room. When we got to our room we realised there were only 6 beds and there were 7 of us, so we had to get the boys to swap rooms with us because they had 8 beds and there were only 5 of them. We had showers and got ready, Loz had finished her Hunger Games book and gave it to me so I could start to read it. We met everyone downstairs at 5pm to go out.

Our room

We walked down to a pizza place for dinner to get a Chicago deep dish pizza. I was really excited to try it but it was horrible, I didn't like it at all.

Once we had finished eating we got a taxi down to the place where we were renting bikes. The place was called Bobby's Bike Hike and it was so much fun! We got there and all out our bikes which all had their own names and got our helmets on.

The bike ride was so much fun! I couldn't ride my bike properly at first, but after about 5 minutes I got the hang of it. It was such a good way to see the city, we all really enjoyed it. We went along the waterfront and got to see loads of sights around the city, lots of big buildings and other stuff. We stopped quite a few times to take pictures. No one wanted me to ride my bike near them because apparently I was 'dangerous' at bike riding.

After the bike ride we got taxi's back to the hotel, and got ready to go out. This ended up being the most fun night we have ever had. We went to a duelling piano bar called Howl At The Moon and we just had such a good time.

We got loads of these huge bucketsof cocktails. Me, Shannon and Caroline had so many of them. There was one point that me and Shannon came away from the bar with $100 worth of them!

The blue drink had loads of Tequila in it, I drank way too much of it!

We had the best time, just singing and dancing and drinking, it was such a good night:)

We ended up being kicked out of that bar because some people started throwing ice at eachother, so we went into another bar across the road.

We met a lady in the bathrooms called Barbara Martine from LA and she was so nice, we chatted to her for ages.

At about 3am we decided to go back to the hostel. We lost Shannon and Kirsty, so it was just me, Gary, Aaron, Daniel and Leah, so we got a taxi back.

Aaron trying to plank in the lift

Daniel also trying to plank

Said goodight to the boys and arranged to meet them in the morning and wet back to our rooms. Just as I was climbing up my bunk bed I heard a knock at the door and fell down. This woke Caroline up and we were both laughing so much. It was a good job Kirsty had so much stuff on the floor because otherwise I would have got hurt.
It was Shannon at the door and we were so drunk at this point that we decided to go and wake the boys up. We had a really funny hour or so messing around and being really drunk in the hostel. I don't know how we didn't get in trouble because we were so loud! The night ended with Aaron pretending to be a cat on the floor.

Me and Shannon finally got in bed at about 4.30am. We didn't sleep really though because we kept laughing all night. This really was the best night ever, we will always remember our crazy night in Chicago!!


  1. Howl at the Moon seemed like fun. We have one here in Hollywood but I've never been to it. I think your post has convinced me to give it a try. ;)

    1. Yeah you totally should, it was such a fun place!!