February 15, 2012

Day 30, 16th Sepember 2011. Ithaca - New York City

Well today was the last day of the first part of the tour!! Me, Gary, Kirsty and Donna were doing the whole way around the USA, but Shannon, Caroline, Daniel, Aaron, Abby, Volker, Loz and Pieter were finishing at New York. We were also getting a new tour leader for the 2nd part of the trip so it was our last day with Art.The other group were all going the whole way round the USA so we would still be seeing them for another 5 weeks.

Before we left we all had to clean our our tents which was super annoying. All the tents had 'names' written on them so we knew whose was whose. Mine and Gary's was called 'Love Shack' so we said goodbye to it for the last time.

We started driving in Art's van for the last time :( we didn't stop anywhere interesting today, just at a random place to eat lunch. It took us about 5 hours to reach the hotel where the trip ended. It was a hotel at Newark airport, which was a little inconventient really for NYC.

When we arrived at the hotel, we said goodbye to Art which was sad (but I didn't cry, I was saving that for tomorrow) and Pieter as he was leaving straight away. The rest of the people that were leaving were staying at the hotel overnight so we were still going to see them tomorrow. I felt really weird that the first part of the trip was over, I had no need to be sad because we weren't even half way through, but I just hate endings and goodbyes, so it was hard.

Getting all our stuff out of the trailer for the last time

We all went up to our rooms and arranged to meet in the lobby at 5.30pm to go into the city. When we got into our room we had a massive clothes explosion. It was so nice to have 2 nights in one place, we could just get our stuff out and make a mess after living out of a bag.

The room had a bath which I was so excited about, so I had a nice relaxing bath before we went out. We met everyone dowstairs when we were ready and had to get the train into NYC. It was $25 each which was so annoying, so over the 2 days we were there me and Gary spent $100 on transport to the city. When we arrived in NYC Penn Station, we took the short walk to Times Square.

First view of the Empire State Building

Was very excited to go to Victoria's Secret tomorrow

We decided to get dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square.

Mmmm Potato Skins

The meal was lovely as usual. Afterwards we had a walk around Times Square and took photos.

Gary and Dan with the naked cowboy

We had a look around a few shops, mainly Toys R Us

Gary had quite a sour worm addiction at the time

We got the train back to the hotel which took ages, didn't get in until way after 12, we were so tired and fell straight asleep.

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