April 29, 2012

Day 74, 30th October 2011. DCA and Disneyland

It was our last day in Disney today, and we were going to make the most of it. We were going to spend the day doing all of our favorite rides in both parks, and this afternoon we were meeting up with my friend Mari, who I met on a Disney Wedding planning website, we share the same birthday (same year and everything) so that makes me think we were destined to be friends. We also saw on the news that Qantas had gone on strike, who we were meant to be flying with to New Zealand tomorrow. I wasn't too worried about it because I was sure it would work out, and also I wouldn't be too bothered if we had to spend a few more days in the USA.

California Adventure opened at 10am and we were there at the gates waiting for it to open. First stop again was Toy Story Mania, where Gary was still dissapointed with his score. He would only have been happy if he got the very top score of the day, so no matter what, he was going to be unhappy.

We also went on Ariel's Undersea Adventures, Goofy's Sky School and California Screamin' again.

New converse, I like taking photos of dumb stuff like that, plus look how brown my legs are

This is my favorite photo of us in Disney

More cute Bug's Life theming

Cool construction walls

It's a double 'new shoes' shot

Next we went on Monsters Inc again

Then we went on Tower of Terror for one last time, and Soarin', and did some shopping.

Then it was time to leave Disney's California Adventure for the last time to make our way over to Disneyland. I really liked DCA, it was a really cool park, that had some of my favorite rides ever in it. I know it's quite different to all the other Disney parks, and some people don't like it as much, but we really loved it. I am a total loser ad get sad when it's time to say goodbye to a Disney park, so we said goodbye to DCA, hoping that we would be back one day.

Then it was on to Disneyland 

This is the park bench that Walt Disney sat on, when he thought of the idea for Disneyland. He was watching his daughter's on a merry-go-round. Another super cool piece of Disney history.

Woody pumpkin

We went on Snow White's Scary Adventures and the Casey Junior train, as they were the only 2 rides we hadn't yet been on.

The Casey Junior train here was a million times better than the awful Paris one that is about 20 seconds long. The weather was getting so hot as well, we were boiling waiting in line.

After we got off Casey Junior we went into the Village Haus to get a drink and sit inside for a while because it was so hot outside. When we were in there Mari text me saying she was on her way, and would be there in about half an hour, so to pass the time we decided to go on one of Gary's favorite rides, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters. Gary's biggest aim in life is to get a top score on this ride, and last night he had been looking up tips on the internet about what targets to hit to get a good score. 

The tips clearly worked and then half way through the ride this happened...

Needless to say, Gary was over the moon, and didn't shoot any more targets for the rest of the ride because his score stopped going up. When we got off, he found out that if he's have kept shooting his score would have gone up to 1million and something, and he would have made it onto the top score board for the day, so he said we had to come back later so he could try again, not even happy with his 999,999!!

It was now time for us to go and meet Mari. We met her right at the park entrance, it was really busy because the parade was going on, but we managed to find each other. We went on Thunder Mountain, and Buzz Lightyear again (Gary didn't manage to get 999,999 again though).

We then all went for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. We had a little wait for a table so we just looked around in the shop while we waited. Of course we had to try on some silly hats!

Mari hadn't been to the Rainforest Cafe for ages, and was really impressed with the food. It was so nice to finally meet her, because we have chatted online for ages, and it was nice that we got along really great in real life. We had a lovely meal, and had loads of fun chatting to Mari comparing how life is different in London and Los Angeles. Mari has an annual pass to Disneyland so gets to visit quite a lot, which made us really jealous! We told her all about our trip and the places we had been, and also surprised her with the news that we were married!

When we left the Rainforest, it was time to say goodbye to Mari, I really appreciate that she made the effort to come and meet us, it was so nice of her, and great to finally meet her in real life. We thanked her for being kind enough to come and see us, and hopefully one day we will meet again.

By now it was a little chilly, so I got my jeans out of Gary's bag and went into the bathrooms to change before we went back in to Disneyland.

First stop was Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters (again) and Gary still didn't get 999,999 again, but at least he had got it once and he could be happy about that. We didn't do any more rides, we just walked around soaking up the Disneyland atmosphere.

Then it was time for the fireworks, so we found a place on Main Street to watch them. 

The fireworks were lovely, they were called 'Remember, dreams do come true' which was definitely something I was feeling, with all the dreams that had come true in my life recently on the trip, and having just got married. Of course it was the last night we had in Disneyland so I felt all emotional about it. The show was kind of similar to Wishes with some of the same music, and they were narrated by Julie Andrews, which was cool, I love her.

After the fireworks were over, I was on the search for a final frozen lemonade. We literally searched the entire park before finding one stall that was still open selling them in Fantasyland. I LOVE frozen lemonade's, they are my favorite Disney treat, so I wanted to have one last one while we watched Fantasmic. 

Frozen Lemonade in hand, we went to line up for the 2nd showing of Fantasmic. The set up for Fantasmic here is weird compared to the Hollywood Studios set up in Orlando. We had to sit on the floor LOL. But we still got a great view, although all my photos came out crap.

It is basically the same as the Orlando show with a few minor differences, there are a few different scenes. It is such a lovely show that has all the things that are best about Disney in it, and we enjoyed it very much.

This show always makes me feel emotional, and when it was finished, it meant it was time to leave Disneyland for the last time, and I had a little cry because I didn't want it to be over. We had such an amazing time in Disneyland, and I was so glad that I had finally got to visit. It was also our last night in the USA as we were flying to New Zealand tomorrow night, so it felt like it was the perfect way to end nearly 11 weeks in America. I did not want to leave at all, but we had to, and on the way out I took one last night photo of Main Street...


It was quite late when we got back to the hotel, nearly midnight I think. We turned on the TV and saw that the Qantas strike was over, so that was another concern off our minds. All we did was shower and fall straight asleep because we knew we wouldn't have a very good sleep tomorrow night as we would be on the plane.

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  1. I have never seen someone with a score like that on Buzz! That's awesome! I love Fantasmic too so I'm glad you got to see that and the fireworks show.

    How cool that you met up with Mari! She stopped coming around the boards so I lost track, but I'm glad she is well and that you managed to have at least one Disney Bride meet up while you were here.