May 07, 2012

Day 82, 7th November 2011. Tauranga, New Zealand

I'll keep this day short because I was so grumpy in it haha.

Woke up and basically had a big argument with Gary because I had planned an amazing trip to America for us and had left him in charge of finding us things to do in New Zealand, and he had done nothing to prepare.
To cut a lonnnggg story short, he finally got his act together and looked up some stuff for us to do this week. Fabian was going to be off work for a few days so we were going to go and do some fun stuff finally. This week we were going to stay in the local area and do things, and Gary said next week he would organize for us to do a little road trip around New Zealand and do some cool stuff.

When the evening came and I was in a better mood, Gary took me out for dinner to an Italia/Seafood restaraunt in town. I was really excited for it because I was having an obsession with fish at the moment. I think I ate fish almost every day when we were in New Zealand. To start we had some mussels which were really good.
I don't think it's normal to take food photos over there, because the waitresses and the people at the tables surrounding us literally laughed out loud at me when I took a photo of the food, so I didn't take any more after this incident... LOL

We then both had pasta for dinner which wasn't very nice at all. I can't remember what exactly we had but neither of our meals were very nice. There wasn't anything really wrong with them, they were just not really good meals. I felt really bad because Gary had made the effort to cheer me up and we had ended up with bad food. 

When we got back we just had an early night because there was nothing else for us to do.

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