May 01, 2012

Day 79, 4th November 2011. Tauranga/Hamilton, New Zealand

We woke up at 8.15am this morning to do something we were very excited about and was well overdue, to skype with our families! We set up the iPad and I text my dad so that he could get his laptop set up, and we spoke to my parents on skype for an hour. I think they were very happy to see us, because it had been over 2 months. We then skyped with Jamie and Toni (Gary's brother and his wife) for about an hour too.

We showered and got ready for the day, and I checked my facebook and Kirsty had sent me a message to check my email, I was hoping that it was going to be what I wanted it to, and it was... our wedding photos! We had the CD sent to Kirstys house because we hadn't told our parents yet so didn't want them to get a letter in the post from Las Vegas and figure out what it was.
We were so excited to finally see the photos, there were some really nice ones. We spent ages and ages just looking at them, but it was a shame we couldn't share our excitement with anyone as it was still a secret. We had told Fabian and Treena yesterday, so at least when they got home from work we would be able to show them the photos.

Just after we had finished looking at them, I went on facebook, and Beverly Hills Photography had posted some of our Engagement photos. There were only about 20 of them, but they were amazing, and we loved them so much. I can't believe how many amazing photos we were getting in one day. We knew we would have to wait a while for them to send us the CD with all the photos on as there were so many of them, so it was nice to be able to see a few. They were so beautiful that it made me really excited to be able to see them all.

After that, we took Archie for a little walk around the neighbourhood. Their town was really cute and pretty, so it was nice to have a walk around.

When we got back, we just lazed in front of the TV again. We did that a lot in NZ and it seems quite a waste, but we were just so tired and exhausted from the last 11 weeks thats all we could manage lol. Also, I planned the entire trip to America, and left Gary in charge of finding us things to do in New Zealand, and this is also why we weren't doing anything, because Gary is the most disorganized person that I know.
Luckily they had some good shows, today I watched the Ellen DeGeneres show, I love Ellen, and than when Fabian and Treena got back from work we got ready to go out because we were going out to a Casino in Hamilton tonight.

Once we were all ready, we left, it was about an hour and a half drive away. When we got there we went to a restaraunt to have some dinner. The food was nice, but again, they didn't have any real ketchup, which made me sad. The place was really nice though.

We tried a few times, but Treea had her eyes shut in every photo, lol! 

After dinner we went into the actual casino. It wasn't like what I would call a proper casino in Vegas, we were like the youngest people in there lol. Gary loves to have a bit of a gamble, and over the next few hours he managed to gain more money than he spent, so that worked out well for us. 

I was bored. So bored. Gambling and playing casino games is really not my thing, and I was glad Gary was having fun, but I felt like I was falling asleep. 

I was hoping that Gary would somehow win this, in that case we would be going back to Vegas rather than going home!...

Unfortunatley he didn't have a big win, so to pass the time I took photos of my nails, thats what I do when I'm bored lol

Finally, at about 11pm, everyone was finished gambling and we went home. I fell asleep on the hour and a half journey home, and as soon as we got back, I only woke up long enough to get out of the car, brush my teeth, and get in bed. Treena went to bed too, but Gary and Fabian stayed up playing Monopoly on the Playstation again. He didn't come to bed until after 2am, so they must have really been enjoying their game.

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