May 19, 2012

Day 95, 20th November 2011. Tauranga, New Zealand

As soon as we woke up today it was time to start sorting everything out because it was nearly time to go home. Fabian wanted us to go round his parents house, but we had so much to do so I didn't go. Gary said he was going and wouldn't be long. I painted my nails and then started getting all our stuff together. It took me ages. We had so much stuff and it was all a big mess so I spent the next few hours organizing it all.

Gary finally returned 3 hours later (I was not impressed with him) and helped me pack it all in the suitcases. We had way too much stuff, luckily Treena had a suitcase that she was going to throw away so she gave it to us and we used that as well. We had 4 suitcases packed full, along with 4 pieces of hand luggage too.

Once we had the majority of our stuff packed away, we went out to enjoy our last proper day in New Zealand. We went out for lunch with Fabian and Treena, and their friends that had come round last night. We went to a nice restaraunt that had some quite nice food. We had these big platters with loads of food one. It was a nice time and afterwards we looked around in a few shops and then went to the beach.

We went for a walk around the beach, we went up to this overlook area that was right over the sea.

Me and Treena looking out over the water

It was a nice way to spend our last afternoon in Tauranga

We hadn't actually put our feet in the ocean yet, so we made sure to do that before we went, it was freezing!

When we left, we went to the supermarket to get some food for dinner and had a look in a few more shops too. Gary finally embraced the New Zealand way and walked around barefoot, which he had been laughing at since we had got there. I got a really cute stripy jumper in one of the shops, like we had any space to pack it, so I would have to wear it home.

When we got in, we made pasta for dinner, and packed last minute bits before watching the film 'Just go with it' this evening. I can't remember what it was about, but it had Jennifer Aniston in it, and I love her. Before we went to bed we had to say our goodbye's to Treena because she would be at work tomorrow when we left for the airport. I was sad to say bye to her because she is so lovely and it was so nice of them to let us stay. Then it was time for us to go to bed, it was crazy that tomorrow we were starting our journey home.


  1. What a great last day! Walking barefoot was my favourite thing to do in NZ, especially as we lived right on the beach! I'm glad Gary embraced the weirdness lol!

    1. Haha, yeah I love being barefoot, I just hate shoes, so I loved it, but Gary kept going on about how weird it was, because people were just walking around everywhere with no shoes on lol. I'm glad he finally embraced it!