May 08, 2012

Day 86/87, 11th/12th November 2011. Tauranga, New Zealand

Sorry to be boring, but these are going to be another 2 days in one post because nothing interesting really happened, Gary was sick so we hardly did anything.

On Friday 11th November, we woke up planning to go to the beach or something, but the weather wasn't that great, and Gary had gotten a really bad cold. We decided not to do anything so he could get better for our road trip next week. We went to Countdown to get some food bits, and we also rented some DVD's from the rental store opposite, getting loads of films to keep up entertained.

When we got in, we watched Bridesmaids, love that film, so funny. Then I made some chocolate brownies with some ingredients I had got from the store while Gary watched some crappy English film. I don't know what it was called because that's all it says in my diary from that day lol. I also finished the first  Twilight book, and I actually really liked it. I started reading a new book that I had got in Disneyland, which was about the life of Walt Disney, it was really good and so interesting.

Also according to my diary, we made sausages for dinner, I don't know what we had with them because I didn't write it. After dinner we showered and sorted the room out because it was a little messy, then before bed we watched Water for Elephants. I had wanted to see this film for ages and we really liked it. I love Reese Witherspoon so much so I knew I would love it.

On Saturday 12th November, we pretty much did the same as yesterday. Lazed around the house because Gary still wasn't feeling great. Watched Pirates of the Caribbean 4, that was probably the highlight of the day. Gary felt a little better in the afternoon, so we went for a walk around the shops, but didn't end up buying anything. When we got back, we made burgers for dinner again, and then watched Scary Movie as it was on TV.

Fabian and Treena got back quite late, so as soon as they got in we all went to bed, as we had a fun activity planned for tomorrow.

Can I just add in here, I'm sorry these days seem so boring, we seemed to waste a lot of time in NZ doing nothing, but we were so exhausted and running out of money, that these kind of days seemed to be a regular occurrence.

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  1. There's nothing to apologize for! I think a do-nothing day in NZ beats an action packed day in a crappy location any day. :)