January 15, 2012

Day 11, 28th August 2011. Seattle - Vancouver, Canada

I woke up this morning feeling so good. A good nights sleep did me well! Made the most of having a hotel room and had another shower even though I'd had one last night. Also rang my mum this morning because we were going into Canada for a week and my phone wasn't going to work there. Met the group outside the hotel at 8.45am.

After about 2 and a half hours of driving we reached the Canadian border. Art had told us with big groups n vans like ours sometimes it can take hours to get through, but we were lucky and the whole thing only took 10 minutes. I was happy to get a Canadian stamp in my passport :)

After about another hour and a half of driving we reached Vancouver. We first ate our lunch in Stanley Park. Eating lunch was always a pretty big task as we would have to get out all the food from the trailer and carry all the bread/sandwich stuff to a place where we could sit and make sandwiches and then put it all away again. Plus I was never satisfied with the foods we had so I always had to get my own food from the van, from a bag we carried everywhere with us stocked up with chips and candy.
Anyway, Stanley Park was quite pretty, and after we had eaten we had a little walk around the park. They had some massive totem poles and a nice lake.

When we left Stanley Park, we drove into the Gastown area of Vancouver to have a look around. It wasn't really an amazing city, there wasn't really anything there. It was here when we realised that none of us had any Canadian money, so we found an ATM but none of our cards worked.

The Gastown clock which is a bit famous but I don't know why

First Canadian flag we saw

Weird thing in a tree

We got to camp at about 5pm. Set up our tents and it was actually a really nice campsite, it was very pretty and it had a little gazebo thing in the middle of all the tents.

It was my team group to cook dinner tonight and we made pasta. This is where I have to admit something. I loved Trek America and I think it really was the best way to see the USA, but I hated cooking for people so much. This was my first night cooking and I did not take it well. I just felt so annoyed that other people could do what they wanted and I had to sit there chopping and stirring stuff. I know it was all part of what we signed up for, but it put me in the worst mood.

After I'd eaten dinner I went to have a shower, then just sat in the tent for the rest of the night. It was a really nice campsite with an indoor pool and all the others were having fun in there but I really was not in the mood. I kind of ruined the night for myself but I was so angry about the cooking, I never wanted to do it again (admittedly it did get better as the trip went along). Gary just came and got in the tent with me and I cried to him a bit about how this was meant to be a holiday and I didn't want to cook dinner for people and then we just fell asleep.

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