January 13, 2012

Day 4, 21st August 2011, Visalia - Yosemite National Park

Was still kind of jet lagged so woke up at 5.30am this morning, had an ok sleep but it took me ages to get comfortable in the tent. I definitely needed a pillow! Went for a shower, they were probably one of the nicest campsite showers we had for the entire trip. Rang my mum to tell her about our first day and then we had breakfast, we left at about 9am.

In the tent on the phone


 Our first stop of the day was Walmart. The first trip of many. We got some super cheap pillows ($2.50 each!!) plus probably sme other stuff too knowing me.

 We also stopped at this old fashioned town thing that was like a gas station with other random stuff there. There was loads of old trucks and an ice cream shop and a cheese shop. Most of us got an ice cream

Cute doggies in an RV

Gary started taking more photos inside the van

We stopped and ate lunch, there was a little park there so Gary of course went on the swings..

Arrived at our campsite at abour 2pm. It was so boiling, hotter than Florida. We had to put the tents up and I don't think I've ever been so hot in my life as I was then. It was so difficult in the heat, plus te campsite was really dusty and dirty, one of the worse we stayed in on the whole trip!

We then went to the Yosemite visitor center. It was our first view of Yosemite and it was so beautiful. All we did at the visitor center was have a look around and get maps for our full day in Yosemite tomorrow.

We got back to camp at about 5.30pm and went for a swim. The water was so freezing but it was nice because it was so hot outside! After a while we all got out because it wa really cold in the water and we all just sat around the pool and had a drink.

At about 7pm we came back to the tents and had a shower which were really horrible dirty ones. I didn't like them at all.

 Art made pasta for dinner, and then we sat around the camp drinking and chatting for a little while.

 When we got bored of that, someone suggested we go to the pub for a while. It was about 5 mins walk from the camp which was good. We all had a few drinks there and Gary and Shannon made up a song about us going to Yosemite which was really funny at the time but I don't think anyone can remember the song now.

It was about 11.30pm when people started leaving because we had to be up really early tomorrow. I wanted to leave too but Gary was being really slow. I don't know what time we actually left, but I was so so tired and fell asleep straight away. Plus I had my new pillow so I was much more comfortable.

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