January 17, 2012

Day 13, 30th August 2011. Revelstoke - Golden, Canada.

We had a little bit of a lie in today because we didn't have to leave until 9am. It took us about 2 hours to reach the place where we were doing white water rafting. It was a hard decision but I decided not to do it and just let Gary do it. It was quite expensive, it was not something I was really excited about, and Gary was worried about me hurting myself (which quite honestly could have happened, I'm not great with water) and it would have taken the enjoyment away from him to be worrying about how I was doing. I didn't feel left out though because all the girls in our group didn't want to do it. Plus I could spend the extra $120 we saved on shopping.

Gary and Dan about to go white water rafting

Gary really enjoyed the white water rafting. The water was really cold but he said it was fun.

So while Gary was rafting, me and the others that didn't do it went to set up camp. It was annoying to have to put the tent up on my own without Gary. Luckily Volker was there so he could carry all the heavy stuff for us.

It was really strange to be at camp and have everything all set up before lunchtime. For the first time we had nothing to do. We played Uno, made some lunch and Lauren taught us all how to make friendship bracelets. I painted my nails too, thats pretty much all we did while we were waiting for the others to get back. The lady who runs the campsite came over to say hello to us, her name was Pam and she was a friend of Art's and she was really nice, and invited us to go into their house later on in the evening.

Gary and the others got back late in the afternoon and it was nice to have him safe again because I was worried that he would hurt himself knowing him, but thankfully he didn't. We had a barbeque for dinner which was really nice. Afterwards everyone was playing Volleyball around the camp and we just sat around drinking for a while, and me and Abby made some more bracelets. This was one of the only days that I didn't have a shower because they were sulfur ones and they smelt weird

Caroline making dinner

My new bracelets

Later on we went up to Pam's house where they boys played on the pool table. Her and her husband were really nice and she was taking photos of us all, and they had the cutest little dog called Daisy so I had a cuddle with her, she was so sweet.

We went to bed at about 10.30pm and I couldn't sleep for ages. I had put the tent on a slope so I kept rolling downhill in my sleep which was really uncomfortable.

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