January 18, 2012

Day 19, 5th September 2011. Glacier - Butte, Montana

Today was a pretty boring day. Packed up and left camp by 9am, and all we did all day was drive, didn't stop anywhere interesting at all. I just listened to my ipod and slept a lot all day.

We got to our campsite in Butte, Montana at aout 4.15pm, it was quite a nice campsite. There was a shop so me and Gary bought ice creams, relaxed for a while then had showers before dinner.

The 2 groups did a barbeque together for dinner and it was really nice, we had burgers and they were really good, the only bad side was that there was loads of washing up to do afterwards and Gary's team was on washing up and it took hours.

Then we wet straight to bed, it was such a boring day that the only photos I took was of the moon which was pretty and pink.

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