January 14, 2012

Day 7, 24th August 2011. San Francisco

Woke up at 8am this morning, and did my first bit of washing in the bathroom sink, before getting ready to g meet the others downstairs at 9am for our day in San Francisco. We left the hotel and went down to the pier to get breakfast on a cable car.

Gary on a very busy cable car

Cable car

The pier

We had a little look around to see what there was, and then decided to have breakfast at a place called the Eagle Cafe. The food was really nice, a bit expensive but so worth it, the pancakes were so good!

After we had eaten we wandered around the pier for a while to look at the sights and look in the shops for a while.

Whale watching tour!! Would have loved to do that if we'd had more time

Left handers outside the left hand store

We eventually got off the pier and just walked around the streets still looking in shops. We saw a Rainforest Cafe and made a reservation for later that day. We were planning on going to a baseball game tonight so we tried to get some information on tickets for that but we couldn't really find anything.

Bread shaped like animals in the Boudin Bakery

Got a cable car back to the hotel at about 2pm so we could get changed into some warmer clothes and have a little rest before going out for dinner and the baseball game tonight.

Of course I wanted to go to the Walt Disney Family museum but Gary refused :(

They had a chalkboard in the hotel lobby so Gary did this

We met in the hotel lobby again at 3.30pm and we got to the Rainforest Cafe at 4.30pm. It was the biggest and nicest one I've ever been to, there was so much going on in there and because there was such a large group of us we got a table right in the middle with good stuff happening everywhere, compared to when just me and Gary go and we get a tiny table in the corner.
I had my usual, Blue Mountain Chicken Sandwich, which is one of my favourite things to eat ever, and it was just as good as I'd remembered it. This was the first Rainforest visit of many while we were in the USA.

Really pretty sky that kept changing colour

After dinner we started walking down the road looking for a taxi to take us to the baseball game. We couldn't find one but then a random limo offered to take us for $7 each. It was really weird to get a limo from some guy in the street, but it got us there fine, it took about 20 minutes and the driver gave Gary his number and said he would come and pick us up afterwards if we rang him.

AT&T Stadium

We lined up and got our tickets, which were only $20 each, which was great. The game was the San Francisco Giants vs the San Diego Padres.

We walked into the stadium and found our seats. The atmosphere was really cool and 'American', we really loved it. They played the national anthem before the game started, and all the fans were so ethusiastic throughout the game, cheering and chanting, so that made it even more fun to watch. Of course we didn't really know what was going on but figured it was quite similar to rounders, but I still didn't really understand it. Regardless, it was still really fun to watch and was such a good experience. Plus the views over the San Fran bay were really good, definitely one of the best places to watch a sport game.

As much as I enjoyed the game, it did seem to last for a really long time, made worse by the fact that it was so cold, was so glad I'd changed into warmer clothes. But we did see 2 home run's and the Giants won (yay). When the game was over Gary rang the limo driver and he came and picked us up again and drove us back to the hotel.

As soon as we got back to the hotel we went to bed. It had been a long and tiring day but it was worth it, we'd had a really good day, and it more than made up for our crap day yesterday.

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