January 15, 2012

Day 10, 27th August 2011. Oregon - Seattle, Washington

Another early morning, and as usual for the past few mornings I did not feel good. My throat was hurting even more and I was sooo tired. We were packed up and in the van by 7am. Luckily for me, Gary and I sat in the back of the van on our own today so I got to lay down and sleep for a bit. By the time I woke up we were in a different state (Washington) and nearly in Seattle.

We got to Seattle at about 12.30pm and went to the visitor center to get maps of the city. The visitor center was actually in a convention center and they had some sort of video game convention going on so it was really busy and there were nerds in costumes everywhere. Haha! Gary and I decided to spend a few hours on our own today because we had hardly had any time for eachother on the trip so far. We first headed towards the Space Needle.

Gary in Seattle (in need of a shave)

First sight of the Space Needle

It didn't take long for us to get to the Space Needle, about 20 minutes, Seattle seemed like quite a small city. Surprisingly we had really nice sunny warm weather, despite Seattle's reputation of being rainy, I even had to take my leggings off. We bought our tickets to go to the top of the Space Needle and had to wait in line for about half a hour.

This sign made me laugh

Views from the top

We got hot dogs up there for lunch because we were starving. The views were really good, and they pointed out the house where Sleepless in Seattle was filmed but I can't remember which picture it's in. It was really windy up there and my dress kept blowing up so I regretted taking my leggings off.

The area around the Space Needle was really nice

We then wandered down to Pike Place Market which was really the only other thing to see in Seattle. There wasn't really much there but it was a really nice city, I liked it.

Seattle is home of the very first Starbucks.We saw a lot of Starbucks so this may or may not be it..

This also may or may not be the first Starbucks

We were meeting the group to go to the hotel (Yay, another hotel) at 5pm so we made our way back to the visitor center. We had to get the train to the hotel because it was out by the airport. On the way to the station Donna and Aaron got lost, and then the train stopped and we had to wait for another one, so we didn't end up getting to our rooms until nearly 7pm.

Passed this place on the train

We had planned to go back out into Seattle in the evening, but it was too late to really think about that now, and we were all really tired. Luckily, there was a Denny's close by to the hotel we were staying in. So me, Gary, Shannon, Caroline, Kirsty and Lauren went for a quick dinner there. When we got back to the room we watched the news as New York was being evacuated for Hurricane Irene.

It was actually nice to have an early night, we were so tired and not feeling great, and this was our last night in a hotel for about 2 weeks, so it was nice to make the most of having a bed. I was fast asleep by about 10, which was by far the earliest we had been to bed so far.

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