March 03, 2012

Day 35, 21st September 2011. Myrtle Beach - Charleston, South Carolina

This was a really nice morning. We didn't have to leave camp so early this morning, so me and Gary got up and went down for a walk on the beach at about 8am, it was lovely. It wasn't exactly really warm, but the beach was so nice and peaceful, this is why I'd want to live by a beach, it would be my perfect life to be able to walk along the beach every day. (A nice beach, not like Southend or anything in England LOL)
There was hardly anyone on the beach, just us and a few people walking their dogs, which were so cute. It must be so nice to walk your dog on the beach everyday rather than in a boring park.

After our beach walk we went back to camp to pack away our stuff. One thing I forgot to mention before was this was the first (and only) night that we weren't with the other group. They had gone to a State Fair, which looked really cool, and we had gone to the beach. The beach was really nice and I'm glad we went, but I felt like I was missing out on what they were doing.
We left camp at 10am and it was only a 2 hour drive today, which was nice. We stopped at this really cool old fashioned southern house where we ate lunch. Complaint alert: we hardly ever had any nice lunch food on this part of the tour. No wonder I lost so much weight! On the first part we had loads of breads and meat and cheese to make sandwiches, all we seemed to have on this half was brown bread (yuck) and there was one time that there was only cucumber and lettuce.
Regardless, the place we stopped at was really cute and we could wander around inside the house.

Our first stop in Charleston was the Visitor Center. We got maps and stuff, then Mark dropped us off at a certain point and told us what time we had to be back to get in the van, we had a good few hours to look around Charleston. We were dropped off at a place called Rainbow Row where all the houses are painted bright and pretty colours and used our map to do some sightseeing. Of course it was me, Gary and Kirsty again, it pretty much always was.

When we got into the more central area of Charleston the first thing we needed to do was get a proper lunch. We went to a place called the Charleston Crab House and it was the best seafood that I have ever eaten. I had shrimp which was really good, and Kirsty had mussels which I had never tried before. I had some of hers and they were really nice. I think Gary had a burger or something.

After lunch we did some shopping. Kirsty was looking for some cowboy boots because she really wanted  pair, but there were no shops that sold them, so we ended up just doing some clothes shopping instead. We went to King Street where they had loads of stores and we went to Forever 21, Victorias Secret and Abercrombie and Fitch. We all spent quite a lot of money, but it makes up for the bad shopping experience we had in New York where it was so busy. All the shops were completely empty and we had loads of time and space to look around.
Charleston is actually a really nice city, definitely a place I would want to live.

We went into Ben and Jerry's to see if they had Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream that was discontinued in the UK and is my all time favourite, but they didn't have it :(

Got picked up and made our way back to camp. Everyone was going out tonight, Mark had found out about a comedy show that was going on, which we didn't really want to go to as we weren't really interested in it. Leah had found out about a Ghost Tour that was going on tonight and asked if we wanted to go there with her and Mike from the other group, so we decided to go, even though me and Kirsty were scared.

We only had an hour to get ready for the night by the time we got back to camp. It was really stressful because there were only 3 showers and some people were taking ages. Another gross tiny dinner was made by Mark (I was wondering if he was going to cook the whole trip as no one else had yet) and we made our way into Charleston again. I was feeling really sick still at the start of the night and considered not going out because I felt so bad, but I decided to go and I'm glad I did.

When we got there, we had a while before the ghost tour started so me, Gary, Kirsty, Leah and Mike went to a really pretty rooftop bar for a drink to pass the time, before going to find the place where we were meeting the tour guide.
The ghost tour was $16 and was well worth the price. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, we heard some really scary stories and Gary and Leah kept taking photos hoping that they would see ghosts in them. The tour guide was a really good storyteller and told the stories really well, we walked quite far around the city going to lots of spooky places where ghosts are often sighted. Charleston is one of the most haunted cities in the USA and we heard about lots of ghosts that are well known in the area, which are just too long to write about here. The tour was really interesting and fun, and just a little bit creepy.

After the ghost tour was over we walked back to the comedy club where the rest of the group were and got driven back to camp. It was gone midnight by the time we got back, so I just fell straight asleep when we got in the tent, which was good because I was too tired to keep myself awake thinking about scary stories.

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