March 31, 2012

My thoughts on our wedding/marriage

Ok so most of you who are reading this know by now that, yes, we got married in Vegas. It is only a few days from where I am up to in the trip report at the moment, so full details of the day (and the wonderful day after) are coming very soon.

Ironically, the place that I met most of the people that are reading this was on a Disney Wedding planning forum. So I feel the need to explain myself a little and let you know the plans we have for the future.

I have always, my whole life, said that I would get married in Disney, but from past conversations that Gary and I had, Vegas would have always been the second choice. We have said ever since we got engaged, that we were so excited to have a Disney wedding, but how cool would it be to get married in Vegas, it's a shame we can't have both... (or can we...?)

So the Walt Disney World wedding had been planned for at least a year (only in my head of course, nothing has been booked) I knew when and where everything was going to happen. I love Disney and it is such an important place to me, being a Disney Bride was everything I dreamed of. All our friends and families had been informed of the date and were looking forward to is as well.

Then other things in life happen. Again, most of you will know what a terrible time I had at the start of 2011. I don't feel the need to write it all down here, but life was seeming pretty crap. The one and only person who helped me though all the bad stuff was of course Gary. I'm not going to be all over the top and sentimental and bore you all with how much I love him and how he holds my whole world together, because I'm sure you all feel that way about someone.

Right when the bad stuff seemed to be over, I felt the overwhelming urge to be married to him right then. I thought I couldn't love him any more than I already did, but I just felt like I couldn't wait any longer and needed him to be my husband as soon as possible. We talked about it then, it was about 3 months before we were due to go travelling and we had always said how fun it would be to get married in Vegas, it seemed like it would be the right time. The only thing that put us off was the fact that our family and friends would not be there.

To be honest, in the next 2 months before we went away, things in our lives seemed to be going so well that we forgot about it. We were so happy and excited about going travelling and I even bought my wedding dress and continued to plan our Walt Disney World wedding (with a little voice in the back of my head telling me that it totally could be a vow renewal). Even when we were in Orlando on the trip I was excitedly saying to Gary that the next time we would be there would be to get married.

Then the time came to go travelling, and if you have been reading this the whole way through, you will know we had the time of our lives. It's funny because so many people have told me stories about couples breaking up after they travel, but we felt that it made our relationship much stronger. I can't even tell you why, about a week before we were going to be in Vegas, our wedding idea that we had talked about months before, just popped into my head again. I spoke to Gary about it and he reminded me why we decided not to do it (family and friends not being there) but the more we spoke about if over the days that followed the more we realized that being married wasn't something we wanted to wait another 2 years to do.

Of course I really struggled with the fact over the next few days that we were keeping it from our parents, and would we be letting people down. At one point we were considering telling only our parents and having the Disney Wedding as planned and hoping that no one would realize it was a vow renewal.

Anyway, full details of the wedding day will be here soon so I wont go into too much detail about the day now, but we do not regret it one bit. We got to have some amazing people that we met on Trek America there with us, and when we told our parents when we got home, they were really happy for us. The full truth to all our friends and everyone else in the world came out about 3 months after the wedding and now I feel silly for thinking that people would be annoyed at us. Vegas was fun, and crazy, and I would not change the experience we had there for the world. It was the happiest time of my life.

So now what are the plans...

Well, we are in a lot of debt from our trip, which I do not regret one bit, because it was worth every penny. So the Disney plans are currently kind of up in the air. We are considering making it a non-Disney vow renewal, still in Florida, but we really don't know for sure right now, at least until I get a full time job. We are hoping it will still be next year, but really cant be certain on that purely because of money. I have my dress of course (felt like a traitor going to pick it up from the store pretending that I was still engaged when in fact I was married) and I adore the dress of course and I can't wait to wear it.

We also got to have our Honeymoon in Disneyland which was of course amazing, and will also be coming up on the trip report in the next few weeks. We got to wear the 'Just Married' buttons which was really cool, I've waited so long to have one of those. The only awkward time was the morning we had our Engagement Photos done, knowing that we were already married, HAHA.

Regardless of this, I am SO HAPPY. Being married to Gary is the best feeling ever, and we are finally moving out of my parents house into our own place in May, so we have a lot to look forward to.


  1. Aww Lauren, now I wish I could've met up with you when you were at DL to give you a big old congratulatory hug. :) That's awesome! I don't blame you one bit for marrying Gary when you did and whatever you decide to do in the future, just know that your guests will be happy to celebrate your love regardless of what you call the event ("wedding" or "vow renewal"). And if you'd rather wait on huge party for later on, that's cool too. The important thing is that you married your love and that you're happy. What more can you ask for? :D

    Also, I feel so left out. I noticed your name change but didn't put two and two together and now that I look closer at your e-pics I see Gary's ring. lol Please know that you'll always be a "Disney Bride" to me and I hope you come back to the forums to catch up with everyone soon. :D

    1. Thanks Hope! I'm so gutted that we didn't get to meet up with you in DL, I got your message on DB the day afterwards and wished I'd seen it earlier! I will definitely be back there to fill everyone in as soon as I get some time, and I of course want to show you all the e-pics too! :)