March 04, 2012

Day 37, 23rd September 2011. St. Augustine - Miami, Florida

After what happened last night this was never going to be a good morning. We had to leave by 7am so I had to get up at about 5.30am. Gary had hardly slept because his foot was hurting so much, and because it was so hot and sticky in the tent I hadn't slept much better.
Of course because Gary couldn't even walk I had to do everything myself this morning. At this time I suppose I have to admit that Gary was the one who usually did most things in the morning, because for once in our lives he seemed to be more organised at something than me. In terms of getting ourselves ready for the day and taking down and packing up the tent in the mornings, Gary did 75% of the work almost every day. So this day I had to do 100% of the work all by myself. It was dark, it was pouring of rain, there was mud everywhere!! I was not a very happy girl this morning, and the tent didn't get put awat very well, and it was covered in mud and dirt, but it was the best I could do being the only person doing a 2 person job.

Gary had to sit in the front of the van because it was the only place he could stretch his leg out a bit and have a bowl of ice in to rest his foot so I sat behind him on the drive to Miami. It wasn't meant to be too long of a drive today, but Mark managed to get us stuck in the mother of all traffic jams and we didn't get there until 4.30pm, it was really annoying because we only had 1 night there and the other group had got there hours before us.

We stopped at a beach for only like 10 minutes to stretch our legs because we we still not really near the hotel and everyone was getting a bit irritated in the van. The beach was really nice of course poor Gary couldn't walk but me, Kirsty and Leah had a walk down there. Some of the others stayed at the van and ate some lunch so I made Gary a sandwich before we went.

While we were on the beach a little girl kept trying to talk to Leah, it was really funny because Leah is just like me, really doesn't know how to act around kids and we all felt really awkward haha. The beach was nice but we ten had to get back in the van to get to the hotel.
I say hotel but it was a hostel. I don't know how they can advertise it as a hotel because it most definitely was not one. Across the road there was a pet shop with really cute little tiny doggies in the window that was a bit mean but they were so sweet. Anyway, back to the 'hotel' we had one room for all 10 of us, it was tiny, with dirty bunk beds and 1 bathroom for all 10 people. It was actually the most disgusting place we stayed at by far, absolutley awful. I have no photos because I was so disgusted that I clearly forgot to take any.

Everyone was going out for the night but because of Gary's foot we couldn't. While everyone was getting ready to go out, me and Kirsty went for a walk to find a pharmacy to get Gary some bandages and painkillers. We were staying right in Miami Beach and it wasn't really a nice area if I'm honest. The scenery was pretty cool, but it was full of weirdo's and quite run down. It took us a while to find a CVS but we got all Gary's medical stuff and we got some snacks and drinks for the evening before making our way back.

When we got back we just waited for everyone to go out so we could relax. Before they all left the person who did not like us decided to try and confront me by saying that all the people in the old group were horrible people but I just got myself out of that situation because I didn't want to be any part of their argument. It really annoyed me because I felt like this person was trying to start a problem. Finally when they left, me and Kirsty went out to get some dinner to birng back to the room. She got McDonalds and I got me and Gary burgers from Five Guys which were so good!

After we had eaten we all had showers and just spent the night painting our nails and Gary read the Hunger Games. Although we didn't go out in Miami I don't feel like I missed out because I don't really feel like it is the kind of place that I would have really enjoyed myself. The only thing I feel like I missed out on in Miami was not getting to spend much time on the beach. We were all asleep by 11pm.

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